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We have worked together for many years and have arranged hundreds of events. Great experience, long-term connections with different service providers (airlines, hotels, tour operators), partners on all continents — it all helps us realize our projects at the highest level.
Anna Gaber
General manager
I graduated from Moscow University for the Humanities (the Faculty of Cultural Studies and Tourism Management) and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics as a marketer. While studying at the first university I found a job in a small travel agency and began arranging events. Two years after my graduation I moved to work in a greater company — "Stella Polaris" — where I was organizing air transportations, booking hotels for groups and then arranging off-site events. It was fifteen years ago. At the time companies just started organizing corporate off-site events. We were opening new directions, working with various formats like intensive-tours, conferences, exhibitions, incentive trips, etc. I kept on doing it all in a larger company — "Nicko Travel Services". For several years of work in this agency, I organized many tours for large companies. I also had to deal with unusual tasks like making an exit for the fans of the CSKA basketball team in Tel Aviv. Or completely ensure the stay of the KAMAZ fans team for the Paris-Dakar rally. I had to find good hotels and restaurants in Senegal. It was not all that easy. There were almost no large decent hotels there, no one ever heard about e-mail and so on. So I had to look for reliable partners in the country. I remember that I was arranging that trip for three months and it was useful experience for me.

In 2007, I became the director of the department of international events in a large company "Aeroclub tour". There I met Larisa Sklyar, and then Nadezhda Galustyan joined our team. Together we organized a lot of difficult events. We did so many things throughout all those years! An off-site conference for a large telecommunications holding in Jordan for 150 participants, a tour for 450 employees of the largest FMCG company on the island of Borneo and much more. By the way, we had to change three times to get to Borneo. The logistics of this trip was extremely difficult — moving between terminals, spending the night on the road, etc.

In 2009, our team was invited to the company "Chikolad" to introduce the direction of international events. And now we provide services for the organization of any corporate events under our own brand. Over the years of work we have formed our own team and our own approach to arranging any event, due to which we don’t just organize trips — we create bright, memorable events. How do we do that? There is no secret: we must live and breathe our work. Our staff is always in touch with its partners and performers (we have them on all continents), it always solves all the issues promptly and will work all night long, if necessary, so that everything goes "perfectly well". Of course, such work requires a special type of character. We are curious and sociable, we like people, we like to communicate with them and solve many issues. And the main point is that we love what we do.
Larisa Sklyar
Business manager
I have been working in this sphere for 15 years already. Right after I finished school, I got a job in a travel company. I was organizing individual excursions in Europe while studying at university (I graduated from Moscow University for the Humanities in Economics). After my graduation I moved to work in a large company — "Aeroclub tour" — where I was responsible for arranging corporate events. I led different projects — from conferences and congresses to incentive trips. My colleagues and I visited quite a number of countries, got acquainted with providers all over Europe… In 2009 Anna Gaber and I received a proposition to develop from scratch the direction of corporate off-site events in the company "Chikolad" (the company did not perform tasks like these before). It was a very exciting and interesting work and we coped with it perfectly.

Now we created our own company. We keep on doing something we like and know quite well — we organize events of any possible format on all continents of the planet. I did not mention the love for work by accident — it is impossible to work in our sphere without the love for what we do. Because we create a mood and emotions for our customers and one cannot do it formally. We should be interested in the goals and needs of our partners sincerely, feel them, and fulfill their desires. Therefore, there is no such expression as "these are not our problems" for us. For example, if in Cambodia one of the participants of the seminar has his bag with documents stolen, and the whole group has to fly to Moscow in a few hours, we will immediately involve diplomats, visit the Russian consul, and collect all the needed documents to return the person to Russia.

We should always find a way out of any situation. I remember how in Finland we invited Santa Claus to wish the children a happy New Year. At the appointed hour, the children and their parents gathered in a beautiful room by a big Christmas tree. Santa sat down in a large armchair, the children came to him, sat on his knees, and Santa Claus began to tell them New Year stories… in Finnish. It turned out that the invited Santa did not speak English as it had been planned. In order not to spoil the holiday, the employee who was accompanying the group began to tell the Lappish tales by heart imitating translation from the Finnish language. It was a lot of fun and the children were happy. Once our whole team was cooking real Mexican dishes for the event in the kitchen at night — it was an unexpected wish of the customer right before the event, when it was already impossible to buy or order anything. I have collected a lot of stories like these in 15 years of work. We have always done more than possible to turn an ordinary event into a holiday. Our clients feel this attitude so they are sincerely grateful to us and many of them become our friends in future.

Nadezhda Galustyan
Top manager
I graduated from two universities — Moscow State Linguistics University and the Institute of World Economy and Informatization (the Faculty of Psychology). When I was in my fourth year, I started working in the company "Chikolad" with Anna Gaber and Larisa Sklyar. To tell the truth, I got this job by accident — and as it turned out I instinctively chose what I really needed. I like to realize difficult projects, work simultaneously on different tasks, solve many problems — in other words, to be fully involved in the process. I consider involvement to be the main quality for people of our profession. To lay out completely on the project and feel the customer — that is what is absolutely necessary to create a unique and memorable event.

Every single project is creative work, every event is unique. There are no templates for creating, for example, an off-site conference. Every task is a challenge: we must make our customers happy and content. And since we are fully laid out on every project, we always cope with the task. Anything can happen during a journey and we must always be able to protect the interests of the client. There was an occasion when I managed to get a Cypriot visa for a client (who did not pass by any parameters) — in just three hours. To do that I had to call the Consul of Cyprus and explain the situation to him in great detail.

Last year we flew with a group from Cambodia to Russia and transferred in Vietnam. One of the members forgot all his documents, including his passport, on the plane. And the people who cleaned the plane threw them out. According to the rules, he was to be immediately deported to the country of departure (that is, back to Cambodia) — and the authorities of Vietnam tried to do this two times. We repulsed the client from the border guards and finally got the Russian diplomat to arrive at the airport (and it was on Saturday evening). Our diplomat convinced the Vietnamese authorities to allow the stay in their country of a citizen without a visa and documents until the morning. When the Russian embassy opened, we managed to collect all the documents in three hours to put a man on an airplane to Moscow. If unexpected situations occur, our task is to make sure that the client does not notice anything. Recently while we were in Greece, someone forgot to load fruit on a pleasure yacht. So I arranged for the monks from Mount Athos to bring us fresh apples. Everyone decided that it had been planned and the monks from Athos became a real highlight of the evening.
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