We gain the trust of our partners by years of work and certain results. Market leaders deal with reliable suppliers only. We are proud that we organize events for such companies as Megafon, MTS, Nvision and other market leaders (a company from the FMCG sector, etc.). Recommendation letters can be provided at a personal meeting.
Bright weekend for 500 employees.
At the end of May 2018 our company organized an event for a team in Sochi. Difficult logistics, a great team work and positive feedback from the client's staff made the event unforgettable. We are proud of our team and an amazing client team. It was such a great event!
Easter brunch for children.
Watch the video of the charity brunch that was held on April 8, 2018 in St. Petersburg. We invite you to feel the atmosphere of the holiday and see the wonderful children who spent that day with us.
Easter brunch for children.
On April 8, 2018, an "Easter Charity Brunch" for orphan children and children from low-income families was held in St. Petersburg.
We are proud that our company AG Agency became the organizer and sponsor of the event. Three years ago we tried to imagine how our company would change in five years and what we wanted to do, and organizing a charity event was among our desires.
It's a great honor for our small agency because we believe that charity is able to change the world for the better and increase the amount of happiness on earth. And changing the world for the better is part of our mission.
We organized an entertainment program with master classes and prepared a brunch. There was a lot of joy!

For more details: http://charity.agaber.ru/
Ice rink event.
While you were sitting with a cup of hot tea on a cold January evening of 2018 our 200 heroes were conquering the skating rink in Moscow. It was bright, hot, very friendly and fun! It is very important for us when our clients appreciate and praise our work. Thank you for your trust! We wish success and growth to our client, a young and positive company.
Play and change your life.
On January 27, 2018 our AG Agency held the first transformational game "The Sacral Way" in St. Petersburg.
Have you ever asked yourself questions like:
What prevents me from reaching my goal?
Why don't I have a relationship?
How to get a job of your dreams?
How to become happy?
The participants of the game "Sacral Way" got answers to these questions. This game helps to build life influencing gently the subconscious in the order that was created by nature.
The game lasts for 5 hours and each of the 10 players gets an understanding of the following points:
1. What pitfalls and mental obstacles prevent you from moving in the desired direction?
2. What is your real goal at the moment?
3. What challenges you will face on the way to the goal and how to overcome them?
The game is built on the principles of sacred geometry and also on the codes of the artist Janosh from Holland (you can learn more about him and his works on the site https://www.janosh.com/). Sacred geometry has been used as divine proportionality at all times and in all world religions, music, painting, iconography and in the architecture of temples and altars.
"I managed to see my patterns and blocks that prevented me from realizing what I should do next to realize my goal and I did it in 5 hours and in an amazing way. It was an exciting journey into the depths of myself", said Larisa Sklyar, a participant of the Game in St. Petersburg and our commercial director.
Transformational games are an important direction for our company and we are going to develop it actively. If you want to play with us and change your life — stay in touch...
We wanted to start this post with an Armenian toast, because it was in Yerevan that the meeting of the mafia clan leaders from all Russian regions took place. The whole business of the city was divided into sectors and the criminal world competed for the right to possess them.
That's how we can describe the event organized by our company in Armenia in December 2017 for 200 people.
Portugal made a great impression on the participants of the event that took place on November 16-19, 2017. To see it within a period of time, the guests managed to go to Sintra on vintage beetle cabriolets, visit the westernmost part of Europe — Cabo da Roca, ride high-speed boats around the bay, stroll through Lisbon, feel the history of this unique country and enjoy the delicious Portuguese kitchen.
Our magical event in Bali continues. 200 participants conquer the island and reveal its beauty.
At the end of October 2017 we organized an event for 50 leaders of a large online recruitment company in sunny Georgia, Batumi. The daily busy work schedule of the participants was combined with pleasant evenings accompanied by energetic music. Batumi pleased everyone with sunny and warm weather, and the team of organizers worked harmoniously and efficiently.
We can say with confidence that everything turned out as it had been planned. Many thanks to our client for the accurate estimate and sincere review.
From 14 to 17 August, 2017 we organized a regional congress of employees from the sales department of a leading telecommunications company in Cape Kurkut on the shore of Lake Baikal.
The event turned out to be inspiring thanks to the wonderful atmosphere and hospitality of the region, an impressive quad bike tour of the endless expanses of the Tazheranskaya Steppe, a motor ship trip on the lake and a meeting with a local shaman.
We are very grateful to our client for the opportunity to disclose the potential of our country's natural resources, especially such significant ones as Baikal.
St. Petersburg
From 19 to 21 June, 2017 we organized a rally of European directors of the largest FMCG company in St. Petersburg at the Domina Prestige hotel. In addition to the conference part, the guests had the opportunity to watch the white nights from the colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral, stroll around St. Petersburg, go for a sail on the Volga-Volga restaurant ship which is a new project of the Ginza Project, and enjoy conceptual and unusual for foreign tourists Russian kitchen at the Cococo restaurant.
Courtyard by Marriott Paveletskaya Hotel (Moscow)
On June 5, the on-site training for the marketing segment of a leading telecommunications company was held at the Courtyard by Marriott Paveletskaya hotel. More than 100 people took part in the conference. The whole event was prepared a week before the start. We thank the site for efficiency and productivity and we also thank our client for trusting us.
In April 2017, AG company organized an event for 120 people in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.

We like challenging projects where every single task is a challenge. Such experience inspires us to new achievements, and we are sure that the bright emotions we got in Georgia will be embodied in new ideas this summer already.

We want to thank our client for another project entrusted to us, for professionalism and sensitivity, and we thank our partners for the understanding and involvement.

We wish you all "khachapuri" and inspiring projects!
Flashback to 2016!
Today we would like to share with you our memories of one of the most exciting events of the past year — a unique incentive trip for 15 winners of the tobacco company's corporate lottery.

We have already told you about it, but we want to share such inspirational events with you again and again. We will never forget the route Moscow - Cape Town - Rio de Janeiro - New-York -Moscow, the bright program, friendly atmosphere and incredible energy of the participants.

Today we recall the event to our memory and we are charging with solar energy. Are you with us?
Eco-hotel "Emerald Forest" (Moscow region)
One of our advantages is the ability to listen to the client and understand him to choose the perfect place for the event.

This time we chose the exquisite eco-hotel "Emerald Forest" in a picturesque corner of the Moscow region, where we organized an event for 40 marketing specialists of a telecommunications company from 15 to 17 January.

Sometimes our intuition plays the role of a navigator and it suggests us which place is going to be the best one and, despite the fact that we tried this particular site for the first time, we were sure that it fitted perfectly. And we were right!

Here, surrounded by beautiful nature, the participants of the event could work productively and also relax at a gala dinner organized in the panoramic restaurant Forrest.

The participants remained content with the flawless organization of the event and excellent service, and we are proud of our team again.
Resort Hotel "Zavidovo" (Moscow region)
We noticed that all our events turn out to be cheerful and amusing. The annual meeting of territorial managers of a telecommunications company, which was held in Zavidovo Resort in mid-December, was no exception. All the 250 participants from all regions of our country will never forget this meeting.
We got used to the fact that in 90% of cases we have to work in a very short period of time and it is no longer a problem for us. But sometimes we still surprise ourselves. This time we had to organize all the activities for our participants in one room. We had to feed them delicious food, hold a conference and then prepare a gala dinner there.
We managed to organize a bright, emotional and dynamic event with a discussion of working issues, but we also celebrated the New Year dancing to the cover band "Zhuliki".
We even reached an agreement with the weather: it was snowing, there were magic fluffy snowflakes everywhere and they transformed the territory of the recreation complex on New Year's Eve.
How did we do it? It is no secret: there were strict observance of the timeframe and organization of the whole process, as well as support of the hotel services, transport, technical and entertainment entrepreneurs. Well, and we also needed the agreement with the weather.
When it comes to cold weather, we recall one of our small trips to Ireland. It is a country where cool weather always prevails over heat. We were sending employees to a conference and noticed that the cool weather promotes productivity. No wonder Dublin is the most important economic, industrial and business center of Europe. Everyone knows that when it is cold one's brain activity is better.

We wish you all a great and successful first week of work. Let it be a bright start of the new year!
Igora (Leningrad region)
Everyone has their most memorable projects and our most memorable project is a trip to the city of Igor in Leningrad region. And if you think that conferences consist of boring speeches, get ready to blow your mind!
One year ago we had a very extreme conference that included canoeing on the Vuoksa river, delicious barbecue and entertaining dancing on the beach.
Perhaps it was the best atmosphere for the conference to be remembered, because we tested persistence, teamwork and cohesion as well. We wish we had more trips like this: bright, active and impressive. And we will look forward to them in the New Year.
Results of 2016
There is a tradition to sum up the results of each year and draw conclusion but we decided not to hurry and remember how we worked in Cambodia a year ago organizing an intensive trip for 170 people of a telecommunications company.
We are really proud of the results though the trip was not that easy: the point is that in Cambodia there is a complex mentality and service which is not developed, and it made it difficult for us to fulfill our ideas. We also had problems communicating with the Vietnamese airline.
Three teams of professionals were involved in the process and they managed to create a unique team-building program which included:
• visiting rice fields, Phnom Kul 'Park and a waterfall
• a party on the roof of the hotel with a real ring and a demonstration performance of wrestlers
• quest in Anchor Vata and a flight to Gibbon Fly over the jungle
• gala dinner on a lotus terrace with a guest Russian star

Watch a small video from the event to feel the atmosphere of the trip. It was bright and very productive!
We are at an exhibition in Barcelona! There is an international exhibition ibtm world 2016 which is held from November 29 to December 1. It is the leading tourism forum, its theme is the organization of conferences, seminars and business meetings, corporate tourism and special events. Thanks to the great experience of its organizers, the exhibition is one of the best incentive events in the world nowadays.

It is very useful to be a participant of an event like this and it is a great opportunity for us to meet the leading professionals in the field of business and incentive tourism from different countries, and it is also a chance to present ourselves to the largest buyers, find new clients and partners, but most importantly — to have a good time.
South Africa - Rio de Janeiro - New York
When the company's slogan "do something like you do it for yourself" is not just words, then even complicated tasks are carried out quickly and clearly and the client feels comfortable and calm.
One week ago, from 16 to 30 November, the AG team organized a unique incentive trip — a prize for 15 winners of the tobacco company's corporate lottery.
The trip took place Cape Town (South Africa), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and New York (USA) and lasted for two weeks.

We had to cope with the following tasks:
- obtaining visas for all the participants in a short period pf time
- tight deadlines for the preparation of this trip
- features of site coordination

But nothing could stop us, even the already started high season in South Africa. We managed to find very interesting sites, hotels and preserve the uniqueness of the program without changing the conditions and schedule.
There also were certain difficulties concerning the difference in time zones in Brazil and the USA — 5 and 8 hours respectively, but it also did not prevent us from working out the program with the providers.
The program turned out to be just glorious. Judge for yourself: the participants visited the best wineries of South Africa, the Cape of Good Hope and took part in an amazing safari in the region of Kara.
We did not pass by hot beaches of Rio and samba parties. We saw the statue of Christ and the famous Sugarloaf Mountain. In conclusion, we organized a trip on a yacht in the Gulf Guanabara.
New York is beautiful itself and our participants fell in love with a noisy and dynamic city and with its incredible architecture. For example, Rockefeller Center was so overwhelming that we could not pass it by. And what will New York be without a broadway? So our participants also managed to attend the Cirque du Soleil Broadway show.
Is it possible to ignore shopping in New York, its bars and restaurants? Of course, it is impossible, that is why our participants were given the opportunity to try it all!
The secret of our success is very simple — it is in our personal and friendly attitude, we don't regard our work as an official task. Do you want to become our friends? There is enough space for everyone in our friendly company.
Who said that conferences are always boring and official? It depends on the approach.
AG Agency prefers to create impressions! Therefore, we organized a conference trip to Greece, the city of Rhodes, for 500 people of the FMCG sector.
We managed to combine the useful with the pleasant — we organized team building in the old town and some entertainment events.
The most difficult part in an event like this is the organizational aspects: the preparation of Schengen visas for all participants, the organization of charter and regional transportation. But there are no problems when there are enough employees working on each project. In our case, we had 2 teams of specialists!
Our big adventure in Cuba has successfully ended! All tasks are completed, the winners are decided, incredible impressions are received! It was a lot of fun!
We have done a great job and we managed to combine intellectual and cultural entertainment. As one of the mini-tours in Cuba we decided to visit the sanctuary of Guam. One can find there the predatory fauna and learn about the settlements of the indigenous inhabitants of the island, the Taino Indians and the pirates who hunted in these places.
And of course not we could not forget about dancing as Cuba is not Cuba without traditional dances! Salsa, bachata, merengue, reggaeton until the morning!
Thanks to the whole team and thanks to the professionalism that helped us to do everything at the highest level!
Hotel "LesArt Resort"
Last week AG Agency organized a two-day conference dedicated to the internal work of a company for rental services and the provision of technically necessary equipment for the conference.
50 leading engineers, technical directors and specialists danced, listened to the songs of the young cover band and took part in a bright barman show at the LesArt Resort Hotel.
The main event of the corporate evening was a dynamic and exciting game "INTUITION" which helped the participants to understand how to make the right decisions in unusual situations.
To win, the teams had to show the most important sixth sense which is responsible for intuition and special abilities.
To make the atmosphere intriguing we ordered an unusual tree-tower, which played a significant role in our game, and as an addition to the interior we rented antique furniture of the MOSFILM studio and placed a huge castle above the ceiling!
The evening was a success, and most importantly, everyone enjoyed it.
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