Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

It's no secret that more and more organizations around the globe are interested in being socially responsible. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and innovation is the present and the future of every successful company if they want to survive in the long-term.

We are serious about business value – People, Planet & Progress and we know how to stimulate change in an organization to engender a purpose relevant to the 21st century.
CSR benefits for your company:

Satisfied Employees. Social responsibility helps to engage people to work for company since employees want to feel proud of the organization they work for. The employees have higher morale, stronger public image, are more efficient in business processes, more loyal and passionate about working in a socially responsible company.
Satisfied Customers. Research shows that customers' choice is more influenced by their perception of the company rather than that of the products.42 % the positive feelings of people towards the company based on social responsibility and this factor makes them less willing to change to another brand.
Positive Reputation. CSR gives the opportunity to share the Good Cause stories online and through traditional media.
Long-Term Future: focus on People, Planet & Progress.

Types of events we plan, design and organize:

Meetings, conferences, seminars, product launches, networking events, business dinners, team building events, inspired incentives and motivational trips, educational events, award ceremonies, theme parties, road shows, golf tournaments and other sport events, charity fundraising events.

Few CSR initiatives for your event:

Choose an ethnical travel destination. By visiting these countries, the money you spend supports the development of sustainable tourism industries.
Choose certified green hotels. You can choose to stay in the hotels which actively take care of the environment (locally owned, have recycling programs, reduce their energy consumption, etc.)
Minimize carbon footprint. You can consider more walking or cycling, using the public transportation, renting hybrid vehicles and travel more by train during your trip.
Give back to local communities. Meet the local people, visit small farms and private productions, learn authentic skills, eat locally sourced food and support the local communities.
Host or Sponsor a charity fundraising event. You could raise or donate money that will go to a good cause.

We deliver outstanding experience with long-term benefits.
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